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About the Firm

Smith and Christensen, LLP, concentrates on the unique legal concerns of electric and telephone Cooperatives.  As a resource for Cooperatives and their primary attorneys, the firm does not aim to replace the expertise of the Cooperative’s own Counsel or to interfere where not needed.  Instead, we are usually associated and retained as “special counsel” and serve as a part of the Cooperative’s legal team. 

Within its focus on Cooperatives, the firm brings an impressive depth of experience to help resolve a range of issues facing the industry.  In addition to our work in all areas of Labor and Employment Law, we are available to address other Cooperative issues such as General Corporate and Board Matters; Territorial and System Issues; Board, Member and Personnel Policy Issues; Subsidiary Activities; Member Relations; and Litigation. 

Training is an integral part of the firm’s practice.  Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Christensen are accomplished instructors and have regularly appeared throughout the nation as guest speakers on Cooperative labor and employment matters.  As part of this practice, the attorneys developed and taught NRECA’s Workplace Law Seminars.  The firm also offers training on issues such as Corporate governance, director duties and fiduciary responsibilities.

As part of the firm's Other Products and Services, and drawing on decades of experience in the field, we are available to prepare Customized Personnel Policies and Procedures for Electric and Telephone Cooperatives throughout the United States.  We also offer Customized Policies for the Internal Governance of the Board of Directors that will provide in-depth policy direction for a range of recurring Cooperative policy issues.

W. Britton Smith, Jr., formerly of Crisp, Bolch and Smith, started offering general corporate and labor and employment legal services to Cooperatives during the 1970’s.  Mr. Smith regularly handles Cooperative labor and employment matters and has broad experience in union elections, contract negotiations, arbitration proceedings, grievance proceedings and other NLRB matters.  As general or special corporate counsel to several Cooperatives and their subsidiaries, Mr. Smith also serves Cooperatives in most aspects of corporate and utilities law.

Aaron Christensen started his practice in 1993 with a multi-state labor and employment firm where he developed a concentration in employment and union matters, litigation, benefits and training.  With a regional litigation practice for Cooperatives, Mr. Christensen has served as lead counsel in successfully defending several harassment, discrimination, labor and corporate claims brought in federal and state courts throughout the southeast.  Mr. Christensen has also expanded his practice to meet the broader corporate needs of Cooperatives.  He works with Cooperatives on day-to-day business issues as well as special corporate and utilities projects.

Support Staff: The firm employs a team of talented paralegals with proven skills in several traditionally non-legal areas, including affirmative action programs, personnel policy matters and litigation support. Chris Kuhn,  the firm’s senior policy and affirmative action paralegal, has been with the firm since 1992. Christine Robinson joined the firm in 2014 as a Legal Assistant and professional on the affirmative action team.  Similarly, Lakasha Dalton joined the firm in 2015 as a Legal Assistant and professional on the affirmative action team.  Ruth Ewing, with the firm since 2000, provides litigation support and general office assistance. 

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