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On-Site Training

Supervisor Training

Smith and Christensen, LLP, frequently conducts on-site supervisor training.  These programs are tailored to suit the specific needs of the Cooperative.  Our goal is to help insure that your supervisors understand your Cooperative's personnel policies and procedures and that they know the importance of applying these policies and procedures in a non-discriminatory manner.  Some of the most frequently requested topics include:

  • Sexual harassment;
  • Employee discipline;
  • Employee grievances;
  • Proper documentation;
  • Performance evaluations;
  • Hiring and termination practices;
  • Non-discrimination;
  • Reasonable accommodations;
  • Confidentiality/employee privacy rights; and
  • Drug & alcohol testing.

Employee Anti-Harassment Training

An effective anti-harassment policy, combined with a thorough training program, can be your best defense against harassment lawsuits.  As a result, harassment is probably the most popular, and certainly one of the most important, training topics for employees at electric and telephone Cooperatives.  Our firm can help your Cooperative refine its own anti-harassment policy.  Then, we will help you implement a training program so that you protect your employees and ultimately avoid legal exposure.

Human Resource Seminars

Smith and Christensen, LLP, also works with state-wide Cooperative organizations and human resource groups to present seminars to human resource professionals.  Although these programs will frequently address some of the same topics listed above, these seminars are customized to meet the specific needs and requests of the target audiences.

Click here to view a sample agenda.

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