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Customized Personnel Policies and Handbooks

Starting with our extensive library of Cooperative-specific templates, we provide cost-effective customized policy solutions to Cooperatives throughout the United States.

Are your Cooperative’s personnel policies up to date?

Many Cooperatives have personnel policies that were written as the need arose, but they have been neglected throughout the years.  This creates an obvious problem when the written policies no longer track the actual practices and procedures of the Cooperative.

Do your personnel policies comply with current statutory and case law?

The list of state and federal employment statutes seems to be always expanding.  Unfortunately, many of these new laws create additional compliance burdens for employers.  Court rulings and agency decisions can also change the way laws are interpreted.  However, Smith and Christensen, LLP, can help you ensure that your policies reflect current legal requirements.

Would your personnel policies come to your defense in a lawsuit, or be your downfall?

Clear and carefully considered personnel policies can be your best defense in harassment, wrongful termination, and other claims.  Smith and Christensen, LLP, can help you bring your personnel policies up-to-date with recent changes in statutory and case law, while meeting the special needs of your Cooperative.

How will customized personnel policies help your Cooperative?

Customized policies will integrate legal requirements and strategies into the specific circumstances of your Cooperative’s day-to-day operations.  First, Smith and Christensen, LLP, will meet with your Cooperative’s managers and HR staff to identify the important policy issues.  From there, we will evaluate the range of options for modifying your existing policies to achieve your specific objectives.  Your final policies will provide a firm foundation for effective personnel practices.

What about handbooks?

We can do that, too.  Using your policies as a base, we will prepare an effective employee handbook to guide the communication strategies for your personnel policies.

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Customized Personnel Policies and Handbooks
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